French Tennis Ace Adrian Mannarino is Docked a Point at Imbledon after Shoulder Barging a Ball Boy.

French tennis ace Adrian Mannarino is docked a point at imbledon after shoulder barging a ball boy

Adrian Mannarino, 29, was penalised for bumping the lad during his second-round win over Japan’s Yuichi Sugita.

But Mannarino seemed unrepentant last night, asking “Who has priority on the court? Can you do Wimbledon with just ball boys?”

The player barged the youngster close to the net walking back at the end of the third set.

When he was docked a point he protested to Serbian umpire Marijana Veljovic, but it fell on deaf ears.

Last night Mannarino told French media I didn’t walk into him on purpose but that is what she must have thought.

I was exhausted at that moment and I saw the ball boy was giving me my towel. I walked towards my seat. Initially, I didn’t even know the ball boy was there. And he came in my direction and our shoulders touched.

I don’t think he hurt himself. It wasn’t a big bump. In fact, he went into me. I don’t know who has priority on the court. Is it the players or the ball boys? Can you do Wimbledon with just ball boys. I don’t know.”

The barge was reminiscent of the music video for Verve anthem Bittersweet Symphony.

It shows singer Richard Ashcroft swaggering down the street deliberately bumping into people.

Mannarino was told he had lost his point for “unsportsmanlike conduct.

At the time he fumed on Court 16 What did I do? I was just passing by. We were shoulder to shoulder.

I was just trying to move. I was slowing down, (he) was close to me, I had to stop it

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