Andy Murray: end appears near as humbling by Novak Djokovic makes for painful viewing

Murray looked to be in worse physical condition than he was at the US Open four and a half months ago Sydney Low/Alamy For supporters of Andy Murray, there was great excitement as they stood in a long queue outside the Margaret Court Arena patiently waiting to enter and take their seats for a rare high-profile practice match between the British three-times grand slam champion and Novak Djokovic.How the mood soon changed when they saw Murray limp and grimace during a desperately sad 49-minute period on Melbourne Park’s second show court.The 31-year-old was given a brutal reality check by his old Serbian foe Djokovic, trailing 6-1, 4-1 when the end of the allotted time slot was reached.Had this been a boxing bout, then the towel would have been thrown in the ring long before.In the 18 month-saga of Murray’s hip injury, this was the….

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